Nelson Evening Mail

The Nelson Evening Mail was the first daily newspaper published in Nelson. The first issue came out on 5 March 1866. Robert Lucas, a printer who arrived in Nelson in 1859, started the paper. He had previously published two other, short-lived papers - the Nelson Advertiser (1860) and the Nelson Intelligence (1862).

At the time the Mail began publication there were already two existing newspapers in Nelson - the Examiner (1842-1873) and the Colonist (1857-1921). The Mail provided strong competition for them. It first forced the papers to go daily and then eventually observed their demise - the Examiner in 1873 and the Colonist in 1921.

Since then the Mail has been Nelson's only daily newspaper. The Lucas family managed the paper until 1993 when it was sold to INL and its name changed to the Nelson Mail.